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Being number one in a category of one

By Jim Connolly

February 22, 2016

It’s tough being a service provider these days. There are so many of us in every industry. Not only that, a prospective client can find lower priced alternatives, on Google, in seconds.

With so many competitors, what can we do?

  • We could try and out spend them on advertising. Of course, this eats into our profit margins.

  • We could try being the lowest priced. Of course, this almost eliminates our profits completely.

  • We could try joining a networking group. Of course, this too is costly. Plus, we’d be relying on fellow group members to provide us with leads… the very same people who need to attend the group because they can’t even muster enough leads for their own businesses.

  • There are better alternatives though. One approach that works extremely well is to become number one, in a category of one.

    Allow me to explain: If you’re an accountant, who works exclusively with creative professionals, you’re number one in a category of one.

  • The fact you understand their profession [...]

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