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Top Articles

Give Your Clients The Whole Package
[2008-03-24] When I began freelancing I thought it was important to make my fledgling business appear bigger and more established than it really was. My website used phrases like "our designers" and "our programmers" in an effort to make a one-man show look like a full team of professionals. No matter what a potential client wanted I felt the need to make them believe I had all of the resources to do it.

Why A Pro Is Better Than DIY
[2008-02-18] I met with a potential client last week who's been trying (without a lot of success yet) to put together a real estate site using one of the ubiquitous do-it-yourself sitebuilder packages on a prominent host.

Home Offices More Important to the Economy than Ever
[2008-01-21] We often hear that people should think globally and act locally to protect the environment.

How Startups Choose to Fail or Succeed
[2007-12-28] Jared Diamond's new book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, provides a simple framework of five forces that lead to collapse: environmental damage and population growth, climate change, hostile neighbors, weakened trade partners and failure to solve societal problems.

How to Create Buzz with Word of Mouth Marketing
[2007-12-19] "There is only one thing worse than being talked about, that is not being talked about" -Oscar Wilde

Fuel Business Success Through Personal Strengths
[2007-11-19] It's been said that only the most egotistical of people could ever run for U.S. President. I believe that.

Tips for Creating a Site Map for Visitors & Spiders
[2007-11-05] Not every site needs a site map, but they can certainly be a good idea. Site maps provide a dual purpose: They provide search engine spiders easy access to all of your site pages and they provide site visitors easy access to all of your site pages.

New to PPC? Overcome These Challenges
[2007-10-22] As I'm working with PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta on our Super Affiliate Accelerator project, I've stumbled on a number of challenges that new PPC marketers are going to face, and have developed some workarounds for them.

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your HELP & FAQ Pages
[2007-10-15] Depending on the nature of your site, Help and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) can span a few or many pages.

Niche Sites: the Understated Advantage
[2007-10-08] I've seen a few conversations recently where people have suggested building generic over niche sites, as a general way to develop a stronger presence online.

Optimizing for MSN
[2007-10-01] Last week I discussed the best tactics for achieving rankings in Yahoo, the web's number 2 most popular search engine.

Can a Marketing Message be Social?
[2007-09-17] I got into a very engaging conversation yesterday with a web developer at work on the topic of social aspects of the web.

Why Is Internet Marketing So Difficult To Master?
[2007-09-10] Posing a Monday Question, Sandy asks:

What You Shouldn't Do With Your Business Blog
[2007-08-13] This morning, and I mean really early morning, I went about my weekly perusal of about 50 or so SEO and SEM blogs.

Ways To Improve Your Blog
[2007-08-06] Blogs are an evolution, and keeping it up is a big commitment.

Stealing the Competition's Customers Through Google Maps
[2007-07-23] Is it possible to steal customers looking for your competition in Google Maps? It not only appears as if you can, but it might be trivially easy and somewhat troubling that it's possible.

Startup Marketing: Big Bang or Darwinian Evolution
[2007-07-16] Broadly speaking, I think there are two types of marketing approaches.

More Money Publishing Less Pages & Showing Fewer Ads
[2007-07-09] If you are an individual or a small company, serving some markets directly with a product may not be as scalable as selling ads.

Tracking the Growth of Competition
[2007-06-26] Question: How do I track the progress of competing sites over time? How do I know what keywords my competitors are ranking for, and which ones they are improving on?

Interview on Blogging for Business
[2007-06-11] I was recently interviewed by a journalist writing on deadline for MyMidwest Magazine, the inflight publication of Midwest Airlines.

Marketing: Bending Spoons & Magic
[2007-06-04] Most people have seen magicians bend spoons over their fingers, as if by a miraculous overturn of the laws of physics.

What Exactly Does Website Optimization Mean?
[2007-05-14] What does word "Optimization" or "Website Optimization" mean to you?

The Buying & Selling Links Debate
[2007-05-08] At Search Marketing Gurus blog, Li Evans has a great collection of opinions on paid links from both the search marketer and publisher's perspective.

Trends That Signal the Future of Online Retail
[2007-04-30] In the industry I work in, it's easy to get overly passionate about all of the new sites emerging every day that fit into this Web2.0 classification the industry has created.

SOHO as an Online Business Model
[2007-04-09] Sometimes to understand the future we have to have some historical perspective.